Sunday, 27 October 2013

Keys handed over - Hurrah! Hang about - What's this Stuff ??

Just when you believe that you're actually getting somewhere after lots of waiting about and frustration at the continual paperwork, having had the go ahead from the solicitors to pick up the keys so you can actually do stuff, (loads of stuff actually) you're confronted with this
stuff !!            

Now I'd have thought my
luck was in having a manhole in the middle of the cold room/cellar. But, on closer inspection it seems that this is the first 'stuff ' that will need to be sorted out. It wasn't even on the list of stuff to do. It isn't actually what you're thinking - It's solidified Fat and Oil that the previous hot food takeaway owners poured down the drain. It's gonna take more than drain rods to move that lot, it'll take 'money down the drain' with it.

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Planning Application Given * * * * & Gratefully Received

The man from Del Monte say Yes!

Well, the planning officers at Thanet District Council do actually.
Now to get hold of the keys and begin the work...

Is December a good time to open a micropub?
Do people drink over the festive period?

Let's hope so.
 The double glazing will be handy for the winter months, I suppose some sort of heating would be a good
 thing too.
 Oh, and a cold room with a stillage, some ale....
 I'll have to make a list.

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Patience is a Virtue..

It's definitely a waiting game at this stage of proceedings and the ability to remain optimistically focussed is a necessary virtue.

To carry on spending in a positive fashion on bits & pieces that will be needed come the grand opening -
Is also a worrying trait.

Come on TDC..