Saturday, 28 September 2013

Planning Application Given * * * * & Gratefully Received

The man from Del Monte say Yes!

Well, the planning officers at Thanet District Council do actually.
Now to get hold of the keys and begin the work...

Is December a good time to open a micropub?
Do people drink over the festive period?

Let's hope so.
 The double glazing will be handy for the winter months, I suppose some sort of heating would be a good
 thing too.
 Oh, and a cold room with a stillage, some ale....
 I'll have to make a list.


  1. Phil, good to hear that TDC have given you permission to open your beer outlet. Can't wait for Christmas! The Real Ale Guru

    1. Well thankyou very muchly sir.
      Good to know someone other than myself is looking forward to the premises being open, and I think your support and my first comment qualifies you for the first free pint to be given away at The Tap Room - if you can hang on for a while that is.

      Proof of identity may be required.

  2. How's things going Phil? Any news.

    1. Hello again,
      I can tell you're getting desperate for a pint - see second to last post...

      But really though, I've been waiting for the lease to come back from the solicitors, they are only charging £175 per hour !!! Which is probably why it's taken a while..

      This in no way jeopardizes the previous promise of your free first pint.
      After all, I do not expect my best (and only) customer to cover my costs.

      Oh dear, I've not quite got the hang of this business of earning a crust yet have I ?