Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Coming soon to Cliftonville...


  1. We are anxious to know when you are opening

  2. Hi Stentorian,
    Good question. There have been many delays for different reasons but, work is progressing albeit slowly.
    Stillage room, toilet, security measures have all been installed.
    Much work still to do in main area of pub..
    I wouldn't want to open until everything is in place, after all, no one likes building work going on around them whilst having a pint do they? So to sum up - No opening date as yet but, keep faith because The Tap Room will be very innovative indeed.
    By the way I enjoyed reading your blog on Margate and Cliftonville, couldn't agree more. What does the future hold for us here? You'd have to be crazy to want to open a business in the area wouldn't you...